Who We Are

We strive for efficacy in implementing the most care to produce Oil and Gas assets without waste or harm to the environment. We work diligently with regulators at the federal, state, and local levels to ensure that we execute and follow, both the letter and spirit, the laws that govern this field. We utilize open and honest communication to minimize inconvenience to all stakeholders.

The health and safety of our collaborators is paramount to how we work. Our tasks are implemented in a thoughtful and measured manner, at a pace that can be maintained, and without risk or compromise to our operating principles.

We continuously pursue improvement in all facets of the organization. Effective use of proven technology and constant innovation through creative problem solving is the hallmark of S.T.L. Resources.

Company Values

  • Transparency – We value and honor open communication.
  • Accountability – We practice consistent responsibility for efficacy.
  • Trusted Stakeholders – S.T.L. Resources is a focused E&P company that has combined technical, operational and strategic expertise from some of the most prolific and seasoned operators in the basin.
  • Collaborative Partners & Relationships – We are a company experienced in both private and public entities. S.T.L. Resources played an instrumental role in the evolution of unconventional methods to acquiesce Oil and Gas in the Appalachian Basin.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Diligence – We are committed to practicing proper health and safety measures, taking careful consideration of how we manage our safety conduct.
  • Company Culture – S.T.L. Resources has always taken the stance of, Win-Win Outcomes, as in members of the company either all win, or no one wins. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver on a promise of success.
  • Philanthropy – S.T.L. Resources has been committed to supporting communities in the Pennsylvania area. We have a meaningful relationship with local charities and youth sports in the Pennsylvania area.